New Website Design Client - Arlon MED Corporation

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New Website Design Client - Arlon MED Corporation

Date: August 14, 2012


Arlon MED is a division of the Arlon company, which manufactures a variety of high tech synthetic components and systems for industry. Delaware.Net successfully completed a website for their siste company, Arlon Thermal, and that project was a success. Based on that project's success, Arlon brought Delaware.Net this new project for their MED division. Manufacturing and distribution are key customer verticals for Delaware.Net, Inc. and we are very pleased to win this contract to build this website.  


•       Make a flow chart map of the website to review navigation issues, and prepare a list of content to be reviewed.

•       Create a new flowchart to help plan out the structure, navigations, and scope of the new site.

•       Develop a new design for the website, with updated navigation systems.

•       Design a new website graphic design prototype using the updated flow chart. Gain Client approvals for new design.

•       Migrate existing content to the new website.  

•       Work with the Client to add new content and design product areas, keeping consistent with the new design.

•       Perform quality control on the new website.

•       Train the Client to manage the website with the new tools.

•       Launch the new website.


This new website will be complete in September 2012.